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Gun Control

I do not believe in the large capacity magazines, bump stocks or assault rifles. I refuse to accept that we have a need in our world to shoot as many rounds in as fast of a time as possible. Do I believe in the right to own guns for target, hunting or self-protection?  Yes. I also believe if you are purchasing guns for these reasons you will also follow a proper mandated procedure.


The focus for our local schools should be funding for administration, teachers, staff, building maintenance and curriculum development. 

The level of education offered to our children has to be continually evolving to keep with the evolution of their lives. 

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Opiate Crisis

I am sure many of you have noticed the #2069 signs. At the time this was conceived, it represented the number of lives lost to the Opiate Crisis (confirmed in 2016). Estimates are saying the numbers are lower for 2017 but with the backlog at the medical examiner's office, we don't know as yet. We need to bridge the gap from admittance, detox, and sober houses.

They need a documented treatment plan (admittance, detox, treatment, and adjustment back into society) for guidance to a life where they will realize they are loved, cared about and are not overwhelmed.

Renewable Energy

We want to leave a world behind for our children and their children which we will not be able to do if we keep draining the life out of the earth we live on now. We need investment into clean alternatives that will increase jobs. 


I think it's important for constituents to know when they can easily talk face to face with their representative.

I will have local office hours for my constituents so they can discuss their concerns with me. I will be open to discussing all issues. 

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