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My name is Brian Hamlin and I am running for State Representative for the 9th Norfolk District.

I am a strong advocate for public schools and strongly believe that the focus of our local schools should be funding for teachers and curriculum. I believe that in order to do this we must have parents, community leaders, educators, and the State House commit to improving public schools for all students. In addition, I strongly believe that our children are our most precious resource and that we can make a difference in their success through effective legislative action.

With everything we are experiencing in this pandemic we understand what it takes to be a educator. The level of education offered to our children has to be continually evolving to keep up with the evolution of their lives. I know that when families and the community get involved in their children’s education, students attend school more regularly, stay in school longer, and perform at higher levels.

Educators can’t tackle public education alone. They need help from families and the community, but in addition, they need funding from Beacon Hill. I will work for increased funding for public education, from preschool through higher education.

I respectfully ask for your vote this Primary.



If you support me, please tell/call a friend or volunteer.

Brian Hamlin: A New Voice, A New Vision!


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