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Gun Reform

Do common-sense gun violence prevention measures make sense to you?

I believe they do. I have pledged to vote on the side of gun safety if elected to office. We have a right to own firearms, but we must use common sense in developing standards for firearm ownership. If we build public awareness, limit the easy and immediate purchase of firearms, and encourage responsible gun storage we can start to turn the tide of this major crisis.

I have been vocal on having increased gun safety laws such as banning bump stocks, high capacity magazines and assault rifles such as AR-15 type weapons. Why? Because it makes sense! It is a beginning toward reform. By working with the other members of the House of Representatives on responsible gun control measures and providing mental health resources, we can limit gun violence. Neither is a universal solution, but together, they will make our communities safer.

I believe that we can make progress on Gun Reform (and other issues) and I will welcome everyone into the conversation, regardless of what side of the issue they are on.

Residents deserve a leader committed to the future and one who can work with everyone. You also deserve a leader committed to bold, progressive action. I am that kind of leader and will always strive to be. I ask for your vote in this election.

If you support me, please tell/call a friend, put out a lawn sign, or volunteer with the campaign.

Brian Hamlin: A New Voice, A New Vision!

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